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Cookie Cake Bars! 0

Cookie Cake Bars!

I’m just gonna come out with it-I’m hooked on sweets. Chocolate in particular is one of my great loves! This is not the healthiest treat in the world, but still… This only requires a...

Swatch! Baby Lips Lip Balm, Rose Rush 0

Swatch! Baby Lips Lip Balm, Rose Rush

I love me some Baby Lips. Some colors hit, some don’t, but the formula is always great. This shade caught my eye, its another limited edition, #120, appropriately named Rose Rush. As you can...

Three Strand Twists! 0

Three Strand Twists!

It’s always a joyous feeling when you experiment with your hair…and it works. Something new to add to your “cute style catalog”. Especially protective styles. Not only is it cute…it’s low maintenance too! I’ve...