Cookie Cake Bars!


I’m just gonna come out with it-I’m hooked on sweets. Chocolate in particular is one of my great loves! This is not the healthiest treat in the world, but still…


This only requires a few ingredients! You’ll need…

*Yellow cake mix

*2 eggs, beaten

*5 tbs of butter, melted

*2 cups of chocolate chips


*Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

*Pour Mix into Bowl

*Add ingredients

*Mix together well

*Spray cooking pan (I used a 9×13 pan)

*Spread mixture into pan

*Bake for 21-23 minutes

Fresh out of oven!

Fresh out of oven!

Pretty simple, right?! And so good! After it’s cooled, I cut it into squares…and I devour them, lol! Seriously, I could probably eat every last piece if it wasn’t for my family. As far as storage, I put the extra bars into a plastic container and cover. Later on, if you want warm cookies, just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds!

Look at that chocolate greatness!

Look at that chocolate greatness!

I really hope you guys enjoy this. If chocolate isn’t your thing, you can use peanut butter chips, dried fruit, cinnamon and sugar, or even nuts! If you make this, please let me know! I’d love see your delicious creations! Peace and Love!

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