Hard Candy Fox in a Box


Lets talk about this Hard Candy product called Fox in a Box. Is it new? Nope. But still worth talking about. There are a few different kinds, and I bought the Spicy & Sweet one. As you can see, the packaging is super cute. It came with a “brush”, which did nothing but scratch my cheek…so I chucked it at my trash can full force. Inside contains a quad of colors that can be used individually or all together, depending on what look you’re going for.


w/o flash

w/o flash


1st shade: A beautiful rose/peach with slight shimmer
2nd Shade: A shimmery light brown
3rd shade: A light pink, also containing slight shimmer
4th shade: A berry pink, and the only matte shade
5th shade: All 4 shades blended together to create a gorgeous dusky pink

The back of the box, Ingredients

The back of the box, Ingredients

I use this blush a lot. Even though 3 of the 4 shades contain shimmer, it never looks like a glitter bomb. I’m not a glitter bomb type of lady. I prefer to swirl all of the colors together, I just love the way it looks against my tan skin. I sometimes omit the lightest pink shade because at times it can be a tad overwhelming. That’s just me though. I definitely recommend these. You get .20 oz and I bought mine at Walmart for 6 bucks! This Box is something special!

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