I wanna Wrap!

Click the image for a closer look!

Click the image for a closer look!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted…but I’m back at it, inspired! I love my quick posts, and this is no exception. It’s summertime, I live in the south, and it’s HOT! I have recently began to feel pure liberation at the ability to incorporate scarves into my hair routine. It’s just a breath of fresh hair! Stylish, quick, and I feel even more feminine and wordly when it’s done! Keep reading if you’re interested…

You’ll need…A scarf of course, a few bobby pins, a little gel (I used Fantasia IC gel), and a toothbrush to smooth

The Process…
*Okay, I started off on hair that’s about a week into an old twistout. I folded my scarf in half and draped it across my neck.
*I then gathered a small section in the front and created 3 small twists to frame my face.
*I gathered the rest of my hair close to the top of my head and pinned it with my bobby pins. I took the 3 loose twists and pinned them behind my ear.
*Next, I used my gel and toothbrush to smooth the hair on the opposite side.
*I placed the middle of my wrap against the back of my head and began wrapping toward the front. I continued wrapping around my head until I could tuck the ends into the front. Adjust the scarf to your liking!

That’s it! This style took about 7 minutes at the most! Hope you like!


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