Milani Brow & Eye Highlighters


Milani always seemed like the “fancy” brand at the drugstore to me. I usually avoided that section because of my inexperience, but this time, I stopped. This product caught my eye. I’m all about a good product that brightens me up. It’s a duo pencil, and it claims to brighten, highlight, and lift, while also shaping brows. There were 3 different duo pencils to choose from. One seemed to have a pinkish tone and another was a vanilla/taupe pair. I chose the shade Matte beige/High glow. One side is a creamy beige matte and the other is a pearly beige/gold color. Once I saw that one, I couldn’t resist it.


The matte shade is great as a brow highlight. The pearl shade looks absolutely beautiful in the inner corners. Both shades look great on the lid as a base or as a shadow itself. I’m in love with both shades, but the pearl color really blows me away. I literally want to cry when I find something that gives me shine without the horrible fall out! Creamy is an understatment for this duo pair.

w/o flash

w/o flash

with flash

with flash

Both shades blended out

Both shade blended out

Milani gets an A+ for this. I think I’m going to start checking out their products more often. I really want to try the vanilla/taupe pencil, too. You get .17 oz, and I purchased mine for under $7 at Walgreens.

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