Permanent Mark! Maybelline Color Tattoos


Okay, okay. I Know! I know they’re not new, but it’s so worth it to talk about them again. Let’s get technical. The MAYBELLINE EYE STUDIO┬« COLOR TATTOO┬« 24HR CREAM GEL SHADOWS is what they’re called. I heard some of the shades are even dupes for the Paint Pots from MAC. I’ve never tried them, so I have no idea. They can be worn alone or as a base. They’re supposed to have amazing saturated colors, and of course a 24 hour stamp of approval. I’ve acquired a mini collection of these so I’ll keep this short and sweet!

(l-r) #35 Tough as Taupe,  #30 Pomegranate Punk, #25 Bad to the Bronze (No Flash)

(l-r) #35 Tough as Taupe, #30 Pomegranate Punk, #25 Bad to the Bronze (No Flash)

(with Flash)

(with Flash)

Tough as Taupe: Oh gosh, I love this one! It’s a matte one, and the only matte I have in my collection. The taupe color looks absolutely beautiful on my lids. It seems to almost have a purple undertone to it. The formula can dry out though and become hard to use. It doesn’t matter though, I’d buy another one.

Pomegranate Punk: At first I wasn’t thrilled with this color. I just didn’t think my dark brown eyes could handle the color well. I’ve tried using it again recently, and with new knowledge, I now see it’s use. I’d describe it as a creamy, sultry cranberry. I always think of fall or romance with this color.

Bad to the Bronze: Yes, Yes, Yes! Bad to the Bronze is very well known and very well loved, with good reason! This is my go to #1! Gotta be at my kids school in 10 minutes? Bad to the Bronze. Sudden “need to look decent” emergency? Bad to the bronze! The name says it all! It can become a little dry in its container though. Just a tad.

(l-r) #75 Electric Blue, #70 Barely Branded, #45 Bold Gold (No Flash)

(l-r) #75 Electric Blue, #70 Barely Branded, #45 Bold Gold (No Flash)

(with Flash)

(with Flash)

Electric Blue: Part of the “Metal Collection”. So pretty. The swatches don’t really do it justice. Creamy, blendable, and buildable!

Barely Branded: Also part of the “Metal Collection” and known as a dupe for MAC’s “Paint Pot, Bare Study”. I love this as a neutralizing base, and it also gives me that soft shimmer that I like. The color seems cooler in the day time. An overall good shade!

Bold Gold: This is one of my faves! A gold shimmer, but with class! No big chunks, just smoothness. This is my go to for a festive or important event, or if I just want to sparkle that day (I’m sure one of you know what I’m talking about).

Long story short, Maybelline hit it out of the ball park with these babies! I purchased all of mine from Walmart for around $6. There are several more shades besides these. The colors are beautiful, and I’ve never wore my for 24 hours, but there has never been a time where any of the shades have disappeared while upon these lids. Oh, and I don’t I mentioned that my eyelids are oily! Yep, even on us oily ones, these cream shadows, like their name, are definitely tattoos for the eyes!

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