Quick Swatch! Loreal Colour Riche Eyeliner in the shade Cobalt

Top pic with flash, bottom pic w/o

Top pic with flash, bottom pic w/o

I’m back with another quick swatch post! I’m all for colored eyeliners. I love them, and they love me right back. Whether its on my bottom lash line, or smudged on my upper lid, they have a way of making my eyes “Come alive”. I’m fond of browns, purples, golds, and blues, with the latter being the topic today. The color is so pretty! The color very rich and it reminds me of the beautiful color seen on peacocks. I feel beautiful when I wear it, and thats what we want, right?! There aren’t many shades in this collection from Loreal. I did see a purple that I might try. I bought this at Walmart for a whopping 9 bucks! I’m a “Cheapie”, so the price did bother me just a bit, but its been proving to be a good buy so far! Let me know if you try it! Bye Guys!

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