Three Strand Twists!

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It’s always a joyous feeling when you experiment with your hair…and it works. Something new to add to your “cute style catalog”. Especially protective styles. Not only is it cute…it’s low maintenance too! I’ve definitely experienced a lot of trail and error. I’ve been doing two strand medium twists in my hair for a while now, and while I love them, sometimes my hair will not do “right”. You know what I mean, ladies! My hair has like 3 different textures, so some twists were too loose, some too tight, some just looking a mess…natural hair problems. I was on YouTube one night and I came across this video from JustKellee101 on doing a 3 strand twist out. I learned pretty quick. Heres the link:

After watching that video I was inspired, but not to do a twist out. I wanted the twists. That very night I started the process by washing and stretching my hair to dry overnight. The next morning, I grabbed a couple hair ties, gel, my styling cream (I used Eden Body Work’s Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle), a water bottle, and coconut oil. I grabbed small sections of hair (not too small), moisturized my hair, split them into three sections, and twisted my entire head, adding a dab of gel to each finished twist. I’m not the fastest twister, so it took me almost 4 hours, but thats with plenty of breaks included. As far as upkeep, I tied my hair down every night with a scarf, and in the mornings I shook my hair out, added a few drops of coconut oil, styled, and I was done! The twists lasted a week and a half on me, and I’m sure I could have made it last even longer if I needed to!

Heres a closer look

Heres a closer look

I’ve tried these twists on my daughter already, and hers lasted a little over two weeks! That’s a lifetime to me, lol! I absolutely love 3 strand twists. I’m already planning my summer around this style! I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Any questions, just hit me up! Have a great day!

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